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Note:Francis Bennion sadly died on 28 January 2015.

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The Consultant Professions and their Code

by Francis Bennion


Download this book Free from this Web page


Professional Ethics was the first book published in Britain to present a full and systematic analysis of the rules of professional conduct and an explanation of their underlying philosophy. It cames at a time when professional restrictive practices were under close scrutiny and challenge.


After discussing the meaning of 'profession', the author isolates those professions which are mainly carried on in private practice and offer the public consultancy services within the vital fields of health, rights and property. These professions, law, medicine, accountancy, architecture, surveying and so on, have many common features, including professional institutes and a code of conduct. They form a distinctive group in the national life, and the author has invented a phrase—the consultant professions—to describe them.


The book lays down the basic proposition that advisory services on matters requiring expert intellectual knowledge and concerning health, rights or property are best provided by independent private practitioners whose competence and integrity are vouched for by an autonomous professional institute. The public good therefore demands that the independence and viability of the consultant professions be preserved.


The author, a barrister and former Secretary of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, describes the categories of rules which govern the professional's relationships with his clients and with his colleagues, analyses a number of the current criticisms of professional rules, and on that analysis bases some valuable suggestions including the proposal that, for mutual strength, there should be formed a Council of Consultant Professions.



Click on the links to download the pages in pdf format:


Title page (p i)

Preliminary pages (p ii)


Contents (p vii)


Introductory (p xiii)


Part I: Professionalism

Chapter 1 : Elements Of Professionalism (p 1)

Chapter 2: Consultant Professions (p 17)


Part II: What The Client Looks For

Chapter 3: Competence: The Giving Of The Hallmark (p 35)

Chapter 4: Humanity: A Personal Relationship (p 58)

Chapter 5 : Discretion: The Secure Confidant (p 70)

Chapter 6: Impartiality: No Axe To Grind (p 81)

Chapter 7: Responsibility: Answerable In Full (p 98)

Chapter 8: Integrity: Sans Peur Et Sans Reproche (p108)


Part III: Brotherly Behaviour

Chapter 9: Professional Solidarity (p 121)

Chapter 10: Attraction Of Business (p 132)

Chapter 11: Touting And Canvassing (p 142)

Chapter 12: Advertising (p 149)

Chapter 13: The Fee System (p 171)


Part IV: Today And Tomorrow

Chapter 14: The Code In Today's World (p 190)

Chapter 15: Looking Ahead (p 230)


Appendix I: Notes And References (238)

Appendix II: Services Provided By Consultant Professions (p 254)


Index (p 269)