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Note:Francis Bennion sadly died on 28 January 2015.

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Bennion on Statutory Interpretation

5th edition, LexisNexis, 2008


Organisation of the Book


The main part of the book is a Code consisting of 464 numbered sections, each followed by a detailed comment. The sections are arranged in seven Divisions. Each Division comprises a number of Parts. The Summary of Parts gives a convenient brief outline.


More detail about the contents can be obtained from the Arrangement of Sections, which gives headings and the title of each section. See also How to Use this Book


The law which is the subject matter of the book is constantly changing. Updating is achieved through new editions, supplements, and an annual article in the All England Law Reports Annual Review, also published by LexisNexis. See also the Updating Table on this website.


The index to the 5th edition of Bennion on Statutory Interpretation comprises 71 pages and is available to view, download or print in Adobe's pdf' format.


The 5th edition makes frequent references to articles on this website.


Contents of Book


Preface to the 5th edition

Books by Francis Bennion


The Code: Summary of Parts

The Code: Arrangement of Sections

How to Use this Book

Table of Statutes

Table of Statutory Instruments

Table of Foreign Enactments

Table of European Material

Table of Cases


Introduction 1


The Code 23-1380

Division One. Interpreter, Instrument and Enactment 21

Division Two. The Legal Meaning of an Enactment 439

Division Three. Rules of Construction 541

Division Four. Interpretative Principles Derived from Legal Policy 767

Division Five. Interpretative Presumptions Based on the Nature of Legislation 861

Division Six. Linguistic Canons of Construction 1153

Division Seven. Europe 1271


Appendix A. Court technique 1381

Appendix B. Checklist of interpretative criteria 1383

Appendix C. Updated Text of Interpretation Act 1978 1387

Appendix D Appendix to White Paper on Interpretation Act 1978 (C 30) 1409

Appendix E. List of Terms 1419

Appendix F. Human Rights Act 1998 1425

Appendix G. Headings, Sidenotes etc 1453

Appendix H. Some responses to Code s 288 (updating construction) 1457

Appendix I. Official guide to European Union legislative drafting 1461


Bibliography 1475

Index 1509