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Note:Francis Bennion sadly died on 28 January 2015.

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Details of the FB's book:

Briefing on the Sexual Offences Act 2003


First edition 2003.004 (Book 46)

This has been superseded by the third edition. See below.


Second edition 2003.005 (Book 47)

This has been superseded by the third edition. See below.


Third edition 2003.009 (Book 48)


Description of book

This Briefing is the third edition of a document prepared as background material for attempts to persuade the Government to amend the Sexual Offences Bill 2003 in various ways. The main object (which failed) was to secure the removal of provisions of the Bill criminalising children under the age of consent (16) for engaging in consensual sexual activities with age mates. The Briefing also aimed to remove certain drafting defects in the Bill, in which it was partially successful.



The text of the chapters within the book can be read by clicking on the relevant link. The number at the beginning of each line is the chapter number and the number at the end indicates the page number within the printed book


    Introduction 5.

1. Amendments proposed by Francis Bennion to Sexual Offences Bill 8.

2. Unravelling clause 14 [section 13] 11.

3. Official Notes on Clauses for clauses 10-14 [sections 9-13] 16.

4. Extracts from Sexual Ethics and Criminal Law 18.

5. Extracts from report of Commons Second Reading 22.

6. Sexual activity between children 28.

7. Briefing by Family Planning Association (fpa) 32.

8. Meaning of ‘sexual’ (clause 79 [section 78]) 37.

9. Extracts from Report of Standing Committee B debates 43.

10. Comments on Standing Committee B debates 60.

11. The mental element of the offence I 68.

12. The mental element of the offence II 72.

13. The mental element of the offence III 82.

14. The mental element of the offence IV 121.

15. When should inter-child sex be supported? 131.

16. Joint Committee on Human Rights 136.

17. Selected principles of The Sex Code 141.

18. Extracts from Report of Commons Report Stage 146

19. Extracts from Report of Commons Third Reading 155

20. Letter from Minister 164


Text of Briefing

You are able to read the text of the Briefing on-line, either in html or Adobe pdf form. The html version can be accessed through the contents section above.


Publishing Details


Title Briefing on the Sexual Offences Act 2003
Subtitle Sex Offences by Children
Type of book Paperback - Print on demand
Number of Volumes 1
Number of Pages 166
Name of Publisher Lester Publishing, Oxford
Address of Publisher

29 Pegasus Road,

Oxford OX4 6DS

Date of publication 15 December 2003
Reprinted No
Current edition Third edition
Previous editions First edition, second edition
Supplements None
Current availability

Out of print