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Note:Francis Bennion sadly died on 28 January 2015.

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Humbly born, Lancashire rooted, Francis Bennion, proud to be a defender of the British constitutional principle known as the rule of law (Defensor legum auctoritatis):



served for five years as a commissioned pilot in the RAFVR during World War 2.

- was awarded the Gibbs Law Scholarship by the University of Oxford.
- was awarded the Jenkyns Law Prize, the Robert Younger Prize, and the Paton Memorial Studentship by Balliol College Oxford.
- took a second class degree of Master of Arts (law) at the University of Oxford.


was awarded a Harmsworth Scholarship and called to the Bar by the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple.
- in succession to Sir Theodore Tylor, was appointed lecturer and tutor in law at St Edmund Hall in the University of Oxford.
- was elected as a member of the Law Faculty of the University of Oxford.
- was elected as a member of Congregation, the governing body of the University of Oxford.


was admitted to Mensa with an IQ within the top one per cent of the British population.


served a total of fourteen years as a Parliamentary Counsel drafting legislation for the United Kingdom Government.


drafted constitutions converting Pakistan and Ghana into republics and wrote The Constitutional Law of Ghana.
- served as tax draftsman to the Government of Jamaica.


in succession to Sir Alexander Killick and Rear Admiral Phillip Burnett, served as Secretary (CEO) of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).


co-founded The Estate Agents Council.


was elected a member of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC).


helped to save Oxford City FC when the club was ejected from its ground by Brasenose College; and served for a year as its Chairman.


founded or co-founded Freedom Under Law International, Towards One World, the Statute Law Society, the Statute Law Trust, the Statute Law Review, the Dicey Trust, and the Areopagitica Society.


served on the Executive Committee of the Defence of Literature and the Arts Society (DLAS), now Index on Censorship.


served on the International Committee for the Defence of Salman Rushdie.


founded the World of Property Housing Trust (now part of Sanctuary Housing Association).


co-founded the Professional Association of Teachers (now Voice).


wrote the 1500-page work titled Bennion on Statutory Interpretation (now in its 5th edition), also books titled Bennion on Statute Law (now in its 3rd edition) and Understanding Common Law Legislation, together with many articles on statute law and statutory interpretation.


drafted the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and wrote a four-volume book about it using his novel system composite restatement.


wrote pioneering books on professional ethics and sexual ethics.


has been a regular political, legal and constitutional commentator with over 300 letters published in national newspapers and journals including around 150 letters published in The Times.


brought a successful private prosecution against Peter Hain (later a Labour Cabinet Minister) for transgressing the rule of law.


with the aid of Geoffrey Morris created in 1999 and has maintained ever since the website which was added to the Bodleian Library permanent website archive as being ‘of lasting research value and worthy of permanent preservation for the benefit of historians and researchers’.


01 April 2012