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Note:Francis Bennion sadly died on 28 January 2015.

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Writings not by FB


Doc. No.
  Title of Writing Author Publication
1925.001.NFB   Managed currencies J. M. Keynes Times letter pdf
1941.001.NFB   Opinions in Liversidge v Anderson Text of opinions in Liversidge v Anderson [1941] 1 UKHL 1, pp 2-19 [1941] 1 UKHL 1, pp 2-19 pdf
1953.001.NFB   Appointment of FB as lecturer in Jurisprudence . St. Edmund Hall Magazine 1953 pdf
1954.001.NFB   Fb's prizes in Jurisprudence . St. Edmund Hall Magazine 1954 pdf
1960.001.NFB   'The Republican Constitution of Ghana Egon Schwelb The American Journal of Comparative Law, Vol. 9, No. 4 (Autumn 1960), pp 634-656
1963.001.NFB   Review of the Constitutional Law of Ghana W. C. Ekow Daniels 7 J.A.L. (1963) No.2 p 110
1963.002.NFB   'Review of The Constitutional Law of Ghana by F. A. R. Bennion Patrick McAuslan The Journal of Modern African Studies (Cambridge University Press 1963) 1, 129-30
1964.001.NFB   'Review of The Constitutional Law of Ghana by F. A. R. Bennion' James S. Read Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies (published by Cambridge University Press for the University of London), Vol. 27 No. 3, pp. 673-674
1964.002.NFB   The Interaction of English Law with Customary Law in West Africa W. C. Ekow Daniels International and Comparative Law Quarterly Vol.13 pp. 574-616
1966.001.NFB   RICS World Tour - New Zealand Newspaper report Sept 1966 . New Zealand newspaper (September 1976)
1966.002.NFB   Principles of Judicial Interpretation of the Republican Constitution of Ghana S. O. Gyandoh, Jnr. University of Ghana Law Journal 1966 Vol 3 No.1 pp 37-67
1967.001.NFB   ‘Review of Law and Social Change in Ghana by William Burnett Harvey’ A E W Park Modern Law Review, 30.3 (May 1967), pp.362-363


  'Is the Parliament Act Ultra Vires? Graham Zellick NLJ (31 July 1969) 716
1969.002.NFB   Review of Professional Ethics D. P. Hubbard Accountancy, Nov 1969, Vol. 80 Issue 915, p863-864
1970.001.NFB   Statute Law Deficiencies Heap Committee of the Statute law Society Published on behalf of the Statute Law Society by Sweet and Maxwell
1970.002.NFB   Review of "Tangling with the Law: Reforms in Legal Process" Florence O'Donoghue 33 MLR pp 581-582
1971.001.NFB   Contractual Obligations in Ghana and Nigeria U. U. Uche p 62
  'Did Francis Bennion lose his family by prosecuting Peter Hain?' Sunday Express, Town Talk Sunday Express, Town Talk, 24 Sep 1972
1972.002.NFB   'The battle of two crusaders' John Stevens Melbourne Age pdf
1972.003.NFB   'Francis Bennion – the director of private prosecutions' Derek Humphry Sunday Times, 3 Sep 1972 pdf
1974.001.NFB   Statute Law - A radical simplification . Published on behalf of the Statute Law Society by Sweet and Maxwell



The Cricket Conspiracy by Derek Humphry


Contents May 1975
006 Foreword
007 Introduction by Hugo Young
019 Main text by Derek Humphry
128 Appendix by Geoff Robertson pdf
  Not used      
  Letter from the Times Bernard Levin 23 Jan 1975
  The Sex Discimination Act 1975 'Diogenes on law' New Society 24 February 1977
  Letter Maureen Duffy 98 TFT 7 (July 1978)
  Letter Brigid Brophy 98 TFT 7 (July 1978)
  'Impressive Support for Statement against Blasphemy Law'   98 TFT 2(February 1978) pp 1-2, 23-24
  'Juror's Responsibility' Barbara Smoker 98 TFT 2 (February 1978) p 45
  Blasphemy meeting (Brighton)   98 TFT 2 (February 1978)
1979.001.NFB   ‘Review of the The Consumer Credit Act Manual’ L B Curzon Retail and Distribution Management (Jan/Feb 1979) p 73 *
1979.002.NFB   ‘Social Morality’ H Edelston The Advocate, The magazine of Lincoln’s Inn Students Union, (Easter 1979) pp 19-20 *
1980.001.NFB   Review for the Statute Law Editorial by A. G. Donaldson [1980] Stat L.R. 1
1980.002.NFB   ‘Form and Structure’ Lord Renton Professional Administration 1980 Vol 10 N o. 1 *
  Text of the Interpretation of Legislation Bill   Parliamentary Bill
  'Setting up Peter Hain' Gordon Winter The Boss published by Penguin Books Ltd. 1981
  'The Truth about that Bomb' Gordon Winter The Boss published by Penguin Books Ltd. 1981
1981.004.NFB   Review by Lord Cross of Chelsea of FB’s STATUTE LAW 1st edn Geoffrey Cross (Lord Cross of Chelsea) Stat LR (1981) p.122
  Letter - The Falklands - What was Achieved T F Evans 103 TFT 6 (June 1983)
  Letter - The Future of the Falklands Jim Herrick 103 TFT 6 (June 1983)
  Letter - Support for the Falklands War Robert K Stewart 103 TFT 7 (July 1983)
  Letter - Representative government for the Falklands War Paul Jackson 103 TFT 7 (July 1983)
1983.005.NFB   Review of STATUTE LAW (2nd edn.) David Dyzenhaus 100 The South African Law Journal (1983) pp 157-158


(See 1981.013 and 1981.013.VID

A G Donaldson, Editor of Statute Law Review 1983 Statute Law Review, pp 60-62
1983.007.NFB   DLAS (The Defence of Literature and the Arts Society) Pamphlet     pdf
1985.001.NFB   Review of the 1st edition of STATUTORY INTERPRETATION H. McN Henderson Legal Studies Vol 5 (1985) Issue 3
1985.002.NFB   Review of the 1st edition of STATUTORY INTERPRETATION H. McN Henderson 129 SJ (15 Feb 1985) p.114
1985.003.NFB   Review of the 1st edition of STATUTORY INTERPRETATION . Commonwealth Law Bulletin (Jun 1985) pp. 631-632
1985.004.NFB   Review of the 1st edition of STATUTORY INTERPRETATION . The Justices' Clerk (May 1985)
1985.005.NFB   Review of the 1st edition of STATUTORY INTERPRETATION Alec Samuels NLJ (22 Feb 1985) pp.189-190
1985.006.NFB   Review of the 1st edition of STATUTORY INTERPRETATION . JPN (16 Feb 1985) p. 110
1985.007.NFB   Review of the 1st edition of STATUTORY INTERPRETATION Hugh J. O'Flaherty 3 Irish Law Times (Aug 1985) No. 8 pp. 175-176
1986.001.NFB   Review of Statutory Interpretation   37 NILQ 3, Autumn 1986
1986.002.NFB   Review of the 1st edition of STATUTORY INTERPRETATION John Bell Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 6, No. 2, pp. 288-298
1986.003.NFB   Review of the 1st edition of STATUTORY INTERPRETATION D. G. T. Williams Cambridge Law Journal, 45(1) (Mar 1986) pp. 126-160
1986.004.NFB   Review of the 1st edition of STATUTORY INTERPRETATION B. J. Davenport Lloyd's Maritime and Commerial Law (May 1986 pp. 262-265
1986.005.NFB   Review of the 1st edition of STATUTORY INTERPRETATION D. R. Miers Public Law (Spring 1986) pp. 160-164
1986.006.NFB   R v Horseferry Road Justice ex p Independent Broadcasting Authority   Law Society Gazette, Wed 21 May 1986 pdf
1989.001.NFB   Review of Victorian Railway Days B. A.   pdf
1990.001.NFB   'What is Plain English' D. C. Elliott Stat LR, 6 Sep 1990 p 237
'Bennion Attacked Over Rushdie'
James Fenton
The New York Review of Books, 28 Mar 1991
1992.001.NFB   ‘Using plain English in Statutes’ David C. Elliott Clarity’s submission to the Hansard Society, June 1992.
1992.002.NFB   Reconsidering the Rushdie Affair Richard Webster . pdf
1992.003.NFB   Pressure Through Law Carol Harlow and Richard Rawlings pp. 202-203 on private prosecutions pdf
1992.004.NFB   Review of The Sex Code Chris R. Tame Free Life No. 16, May 1992, pp. 23-24 pdf
  Review of Statutory Interpretation (2nd edition) Beverley Lang Public Law (1993) 211
  Letter to FB re. Statutory Interpretation(2nd edition) Faizool Mohammed Letter
  Review of Statutory Interpretation (2nd edition) W A Wilson Stat LR Vol 14
1993.004.NFB   Acknowledgements Legislative Drafting by V.C.R.A.C. Crabbe Routledge 1993, ISBN 9781874241157
  Review of Statutory Interpretation (2nd edition) D J Davenport 1 Law Quarterly Review (10 April 1994)
  Letter to FB re. Statutory Interpretation (2nd edition) Bu-Buakei Jabbi Letter

'A Good Start for the Criminal Law Bill'

J C Smith Stat LR ( 1995) Vol 2 No. 16 pp. 105-108
1996.001.NFB   ‘Tax Law: Rules or Principles’ John Avery Jones Fiscal Studies (1996) pp. 63-89.
  Review of Statutory Interpretation (3rd edition) Internet review
1997.002.NFB   'Shakespeare and integrated casting' Ralph Berry Internet, 14 Sep 1997 pdf
  Review of Statutory Interpretation (3rd edition) Roderick Munday The Cambridge Law Journal 1998
  This beats me Lord Justice Sedley London Review of Books 7 (2 April 1998)
  Review of STATUTORY INTERPRETATION (3rd edition)   162 JP (14 February 1998) 128
Parliamentary Debates in Statutory
Interpretation: A Question of
Admissibility or of Weight?
Stéphane Beaulac
43 McGill LAw Journal (1998) 287
1998.005.NFB   Review of Statutory Interpretation (3rd edition) A.R. NLJ p.1194, Aug 1998
1998.006.NFB   Mullins v District Judge Harnett and others 1997/346 JR   High Court of Ireland Decisions - 1 Apr 1998
  Letter on consumer credit Professor Paul Dobson 149 NLJ (1999) 1068
  Citations of FB's Statutory Interpretation Various Various
  'Undemocratic PR' (Response to FB's article on PR - See 1999.010 and his reply to this letter 1999.030) John Death 149 NLJ (June 1999)
1999.004.NFB   Origins of The Government Legal Advisers Course (GLAC) at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies Sir William Dale Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
1999.005.NFB   Extract from law report: New Patriotic Party v Attorney General, . Ghana Supreme Court [1999] 2 LRC 283
  Report of Statutory Drafting and Interpretation: Plain Language and the Law Law Reform Commission - Ireland Dec 2000

Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie Van Wetenschappen, Mededelingen van de Afdeling Letterkunde, Nieuwe Reeks

E.H.Honduis Deel 64 no. 4, February 2000
2000.003.NFB   The Medical Council of Hong Kong v. David Chow Siu Shek Court of Final Appeal of Hong Kong

[2000] HKCFA 58; [2000] 3 HKCFAR 144;

[2000] 2 HKLRD 674; FACV000003/2000,

1 June 2000

2002.001.NFB   Review of Understanding Common Law Legislation (Also relevant to Statutory Interpretation.) John Bell 22 LS (September 2002) 3, 473
  Citation from Professional Conduct For Lawyers And Judges Beverley G. Smith Second edition, 2002
2002.003.NFB   ‘Codici Interpretativi: Progetto di voce pe un Vademecum giuridico’, Pierluigi Chiassoni July 2002.
2002.004.NFB   Review of Understanding Common Law Legislation R. T. Oerton 152 NLJ Book Review supplement (8 Feb 2002) 174
2002.005.NFB   Review of Understanding Common Law Legislation R. T. Oerton 118 LQR (Jul 2002) 486-488
2003.002.NFB   Review of Sexual Ethics and Criminal Law: A Critique of the Sexual Offences Bill 2003 Andy Armitage Gay and Lesbian Humanist website, Spring 2003 pdf
2003.003.NFB   Review of Understanding Common Law Legislation customer 17 Jul 2003 pdf
2004.001.NFB   Review of 'The Blight of Blairism'   13 ComL (August 2004) 2
  Lawyers and Latin Roderick Munday 168 JP 775, 2 October 2004
  Academic Duty Tony Bradney 28 The Reporter (Spring 2004)
  'Trial of Peter Hain on Plot Charges' Christopher Warman in 'On This Day- July 28, 1972' The Times, July 28 2004
  Editors Note Dr Venkat Iyer 13 Com L 5 (April 2004) 5
2004.006.NFB   Brief extracts from reviews of Statutory Interpretation Various Various
  Not used . .
  Out of the constitutional frying pan . . . Paul Trewhela Letter in Daily Telegraph, 3 Dec 2004
2004.009.NFB   ‘Codifying the Criminal Law’ Irish Department of Justice Equality and Law Reform, November 2004
2004.010.NFB   The Law-Making Process Professor Michael Zander QC Cambridge University Press, 6th edn, 2004, pp. 213-214.
2005.001.NFB   Quotation: FB is ' of those rare oracles who carries the unwritten British constitution in his head' Joshua Rozenberg Sunday Telegraph Brief Encounters (Law) 3 April 2005
2005.002.NFB   'It will be dangerous to ignore the man in the turban' Frank Gardiner Sunday Telegraph, 07 Aug 2005
2005.003.NFB   Letter from victim of John Harris bomb Ms G. Burleigh Letter received by FB, 22 Oct 2005
2005.004.NFB   'Smooth operator'. Comment on Politically Charged the Radio 4 programme on the Hain prosecution. (Transcript) Michael Vestey The Spectator, (17/24 Dec 2005) p 92
2006.001.NFB   'Note on the Consumer Credit Act 1974 s 18 Sir Francis Ferris Statement in Goshawk Dedicated (No 2) Ltd v Governor and Company of the Bank of Scotland [2005] EWHC 2906 (Ch), [2006] 2 All ER 610, at [89],
2006.002.NFB   Review of 4th edition of Statutory Interpretation B.H. 170 JPN (21 Oct 2006) 813
2006.003.NFB   'Keep those cards, letters coming' Alex Beam, Globe columnist Boston Globe
2006.004.NFB   The Spice of Life - Chapter 15 'The Renton Report' David Renton Calder Walker Associates, 2006
2007.001.NFB   Geoffrey Wheatcroft attacks Hain over Iraq war stance .Geoffrey Wheatcroft Guardian, 7 Feb 2007
2007.002.NFB   'A few pleasant words from Delia Venables' Delia Venables E-mail received by FB
2007.003.NFB   A few pleasant words from the Scottish Parliament    
2007.004.NFB   A few pleasant words from John O'Callaghan in Dublin John O'Callaghan  
2007.005.NFB   'Teaching Statutory Interpretation: Citings of NESSSI in Scotland' Kay Goodall 171 JPN (25 Aug 2007) 604
2008.001.NFB   'The Abolition of the Blasphemy Laws' Neil Parpworth 172 JPN (15 Mar 2008) 164
2008.002.NFB   Review of The Irish Statute Book: A Guide to Irish Legislation
by Brian Hunt
Edward Donelan First Law Book Review, 9 April 2008
2008.003.NFB   Lady Justice Arden - Keynote speech Lady Justice Arden Conference of the Commonwealth Association of Legislative Counsel 2008
2009.002.NFB   'Complex Legislation: Is Redaction The Answer?' Dr. Venkat Iyer's Editor's Note 18 Com L (Apr 2009) 23-27
2009.003.NFB   Quotation re: Francis Bennion, Understanding Common Law Legislation: Drafting and Interpretation
Jeffrey Barnes of La Trobe University Australia In materials for Course on Advanced Statutory Interpretation.
2009.005.NFB   'Tylor and Bennion' James O'Fee Impala Publishers Blog Page, 28 Oct 2009
2009.006.NFB   Review of Bennion on Statutory Interpretation Geoffrey Darnton customer, 10 May 2009 pdf
2009.007.NFB   'Children and Sex' Adrian Turner, Editor, Criminal Law and Justice Weekly 173 CL&J (10 Oct 2009), 642 pdf
2010.001.NFB   'A stern judgment on their Lordships’ refurbishers' Marcus Binney The Times, January 15, 2010
2010.002.NFB   'The Importance of Bennion’s Concept of Common Law Legislation' Nigel J. Jamieson 31(1) Statute Law Review (2010) pp. 47-62 at 58. pdf
2010.003.NFB   'The Principle of Legality'   HM Treasury v Ahmed & Ors [2010] UKSC 2 pdf
2011.001.NFB   Sir Sidney and Sir John Rowlatt and Tax Richard Thomas British Tax Review Issue 2, 2011 p 210 pdf
2011.002.NFB   'Statutory Interpretation Using Legislated Examples: Bennion on Multiple Consumer Credit Agreements' Ross Carter SLR 32(2), 86-115, doi:10.1093/slr/hmr003 pdf
2011.003.NFB   Review of Bennion on Statutory Interpretation, 5th edn. Editor Gideon Shirazi Student Journal of Law, Issue 2, Jun 2011 *
2011.004.NFB   'Can the Law Speak Directly to its Subjects? The Limitation of Plain Language' Journal of Law and Society (2011) Vol 38 pp 376-404 Rabeea Assy Journal of Law and Society (2011) Vol 38 pp 376-404 pdf
2012.001.NFB   Happy birthday FB RGT (The Times) The Times, 2 Jan 2012, p. 23 pdf
2012.002.NFB   Fairlynch Museum item on FB     pdf
2012.003.NFB   Editorial Venkat Iyer The Commonwealth Lawyer April 2012 pdf
2012.004.NFB   Comments on FB’s idea that the Press should be controlled with a Royal Char
Lord Fowler HL Deb, 18 March 2013, c442, Report (5th Day) of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill. pdf
2013.001.NFB   'Secret Justice' Neil Wallis The Mail on Sunday 21 April 2013, pp. 12 & 13 pdf
2013.002.NFB   'Justice Secretary Chris Grayling defends reforms of legal aid' Various Frances Gibb, Legal Editor of The Times May 20 2013 pdf
2013.003.NFB   'Self-regulation that is tough but independent' Telegraph View

The Daily Telegraph 25 Apr 2013

2013.004.NFB   'Press plan attacked as a futile waste of taxpayer money' The Times 2 November 2013 pdf
2014.001.NFB   'Failures of the CPS' The Daily Mail 8 Feb 2014 pdf