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Note:Francis Bennion sadly died on 28 January 2015.

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Selections from Reviews


The book is extensively referred to in books on the ethics of the various professions, for example Professional Conduct for Lawyers and Judges (Canada) by Beverley G. Smith (Maritime Law Book Ltd. 1998) pages 6-12. See also Code of Ethics of the Canadian Bar Association; Code of Ethics Online Project, Illinois Institute of Technology.




'The intellectual consultant professions in the fields of health, rights and property are the ones he worries about, and he upholds. without question the importance of their independence, impartiality, freedom from conflicting interests and ability to give the consumer a choice.' - The Guardian.


'His vigorous defence of the professions and their standards comes at a time when the professions have been under increasing attack, particularly from sociologists and economists. - The Daily Telegraph.


'There is no need for a study of "Professional Ethics" to be dull. I am led to this conclusion by reading F. A. R. Bennion's book . . . some of the brighter passages reflect the cheerful and human personality which Mr. Bennion revealed when he introduced the book to a Press conference . . .' - Local Government Chronicle.


'Mr. Bennion successfully undertakes a searching examination of an unexplored field, that of the philosophy, practice and code of professional conduct. The book is well-timed.' - Estates Gazette.


'It is intellectually. astringent, exceedingly well written and deals with a matter of great importance at a time when bureaucratic encroachment in professional affairs is increasing and excellence needs to be safeguarded.' - Nursing Times.


'. . . the publication of this forthright and balanced book is greatly to be welcomed . . . Mr. Bennion's book is one which professional men, and particularly lawyers, should read and reflect over.' - The Law Society's Gazette.


'This is a spirited, well-written and fully documented defence of the professions and in particular of their codes of conduct . . . the style is clear, the argument pungent, the use of quotations apt; and it is unusual to find a book which, like this one, is as readable as it is erudite.' - Chartered Surveyor.


'As an exposition of professional codes and rules of conduct in general, it should prove a valuable work of authoritative reference . . .' - Building. '. . . a useful and timely book.' - The Architects' Journal.


'We welcome the appearance of this book, the fruits of what must have been prodigious labours on the part of the author.' - Solicitors' Journal.